IR-ROBOTICS Class for Kids Subang KL for 6 years and above

Our robotics center is using ROBOTIS Kidslab program as our teaching method of robotics class for kids. This methodology is a set of educational solution that use robotics as a thread to work the skills and competencies, such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skill and leadership that kids today need for future. Since our Robotics class is utilized Robotis Kidslab syllabus, it divided into different stages that coalesce from pre-school to university.


Our Robotic Class for Kids Program Education is divided 

ROBOTIS  Play Pets - Foundation Class Age 6+

Robotis Play is the foundation level which is suitable for the children between the age of 5 to 6 years old. This level provides a tool to assemble and disassemble, helping the children to improve their concentration. Robotis Play helps in stimulating the brain of a child by coming out various themes such as jungle, ocean, and dinosaurs with can learning 3 major type of languages. This theme-based concept allows children to diverse experience and develops their creativity.  

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ROBOTIS Dream -Beginner & Intermediate Level Age 7+

Robotis Dream consists of 4 levels. This model is suitable for students from age 7 up to 15 years old. This model is focusing on building and enhancing student’s design capability and the knowledge of science. Robotis Dream is also educating student the sence of design. This model consists of various parts such as servo motor, plates, joint etc. It helps to change a person mind about a stereotypic idea that many people have. Students get to build their own robots by using different parts in order to express the robotics details and design. Robotis Dream is about Science too - This model also helps student to understand not only the principle of movement but also speed and force, the principle of leverage, elasticity, and inertia. For example, a student will learn the principle of leverage and observe how it generates great strength with small power using the tower crane as well as build a puppy robot that lays down and sits up using inertia. 


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ROBOTIS STEM - Advanced Level Age 12+

Robotis STEM is the advance level in the IR Robotic program and consists of 2 stages of learning which are Standard 1 and Standard 2. This model is geared for secondary-school robotics curriculum. It introduces programming and other STEM concepts.The curriculum helps you learn and understand STEM progressively through the robot learning process. It consists of an ‘introduction’, ‘theory’, ‘building’ and ‘application’.